Never Again

JANGAN KEMBALI (NEVER AGAIN), is an anti trafficking documentary film produced by IOM Indonesia narrating one of ex trafficked victims, Memey, who has now been recovered and able to benefit the community at large by her current activities as an HIV counselor and activist. The documentary film aims at spreading the messages of the dangers of trafficking in persons, as well as conveys the message to the trafficked victims to keep optimistic to observe their future. The documentary also spots the views of both Indonesian national and sub national government in light of their efforts in combatting trafficking in persons.


Sekupang Refugee Shelter

IOM Indonesia supports the Government of Indonesia in its efforts to accommodate refugees and asylum seekers in shelters, while awaiting durable solutions to their displacement. For the past five years, Indonesia has put more tangible effort into exploring viable alternatives to detention for migrants. Alternatives to detention in Indonesia were initially outlined in the Circular of the Director General of Immigration, providing for accommodation of refugees/asylum seekers outside of detention facilities. Furthermore, Law Number 6/2011 on Immigration and the Standard Operating Procedure s for Immigration Detention Centers (IDCs), specify that pregnant women, sick persons, and minors may be accommodated in community housing facilities.

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IOM Organize Public Outreach Activities in Lampung

IOM Indonesia organized two back-to-back public outreach activities, in Batanghardjo and Blambangan Umpu sub-districts in Lampung Province, 6th and 7th March 2015, respectively. These two events form  part of IOMs campaign to raise public awareness on safe migration and the dangers of human trafficking. According to latest data (February 2015) from BNP2TKI (National Board for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Overseas Workers), Lampung is the fifth largest sending province of Indonesian overseas workers.


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